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Coffeeduck Permanentfilter fits Senseo New Generation

Coffeeduck Permanentfilter fits Senseo New Generation

Introducing the COFFEEDUCK, which is a new innovation for coffee lovers. The COFFEEDUCK is perfectly made for your own variety of coffee. From now on the control of flavour, strength and quantity of coffee is at your fingertips. The COFFEEDUCK can also be used with one or two regular paper pods.

You will be amazed at the possibilities that the COFFEEDUCK has to offer. A mug of coffee no problem, an espresso no problem, 2 regular cups of coffee, you name it! With the COFFEEDUCK you are now able to create your own taste and quantity of coffee.

For instance: Compress the ground coffee firmly and you will get less coffee with strong taste. If you use coarse ground coffee the taste will be weaker than using fine ground coffee. For best results use fine ground espresso coffee, similar to used in coffee shops and in the regular paper pods.

Once you get handy with the COFFEEDUCK you will never go back... But remember the steps: fill it carefully, wait patiently until the cup is full, take the "Duck" out and rinse it off, ready to use again.
# Benefits: The COFFEEDUCK is dish washer safe
# Very economical
# Long lasting quality
# Creates the loved foam layer on your coffee
# Suitable for all kinds of ground coffee
# Changes your Senseo into an Espresso machine
# Environmentally friendly
Only to use in the Senseo New Generation HD7820 till HD7824, HD7830, HD7841 en HD7842

€ 15.00

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